The Ultimate Book List- For every kind of reader.

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Hello my avid readers. I recently received a message from a follower who wanted me to give them a list of great books that I had read across the genres. From fiction to non-fiction, from history to romance, there are multiple, books that I would definitely recommend, including many I have already reviewed on this blog.

This question has really motivated me to reflect and ponder what it is about a book, that makes it stand out against all others? The answer is simple. A great book allows the reader to be transported to a different era, a different world, with magical characters that evoke such emotions that when reading, it is impossible not to feel that you know the people involved as if they were your neighbours, your best friends, your family or your crushes.

So with this in mind, I have deduced a number of books (that I have hastily remembered, so if I leave out a few I will add at another time) that reflect this theory of mine and will list them below according to their genre and author. It is also important to note that not all who read these books will have the same reaction to them as I did, it is after all my own personal opinion. However as an avid reader, who has collected and read hundreds if not thousands of books since a very young age, I would say I have become an expert on what makes a good book tick for me.  

Therefore my avid readers, I hope you enjoy the list below (in no particular order of preference) and also I can’t think of all books at the moment so if I remember more in the meantime I’ll add it to the list. Once again the list represents my own personal opinion of the best books I have read and as such it does not represent the opinions of the wider world. If you have any further queries or opinions, please do not hesitate to contact me on this blog or on my twitter page.

Happy reading!

The Avid Reader 🙂 

Genres                                            Book Title                                            Author

Historical Fiction                          Outlander (series)                               Diana Gabaldon 

(please note some                         The Century Trilogy                             Ken Follett

of these books                               The Bronze Horseman                          Paullina SImons

can come under                             The Last Summer                                 Judith Kinghorn

romance genre  also)                      Mariana                                                Susanna Kearsley

                                                        Sophia’s Secret                                   Susanna Kearsley

                                                        The American Heiress                         Daisy Goodwin

                                                        The Distant Hours                               Kate Morton

                                                        World Without End                              Ken Follett

                                                        Pillars of the Earth                               Ken Follett

                                                       The Quantock Quarter                         Ruth Elwin Harris

                                                       The Other Boleyn Girl                          Phillipa Gregory

                                                        The Bridgerton Series*                        Julia Quinn

                                                        Wallflower Series*                               Lisa Kleypas

* meaning particularly laden with romance genre if you catch my meaning 😉

Romance                                     Tully (controversial)                           Paullina Simons 

                                                     Pride and Prejeudice*                        Jane Austen

                                                     Persuasion*                                        Jane Austen

                                                     Mansfield Park*                                  Jane Austen

                                                     Wuthering Heights*                            Emily Bronte (can’t do dots on e)

                                                     Garden Spells                                     Sarah Addison Allen

                                                     The Notebook                                     Nicholas Sparks

                                                     Sugar Daddy                                       Lisa Kleypas

                                                     Bridget Jones’ Diary                           Helen FIelding

* meaning it has historical fiction elements.

Thriller                                     The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo              Stieg Larsson

                                                 The Millennium Trilogy                            Steig Larsson

                                                  Eye Of The Needle                                   Ken Follett

                                                  Jackdaws                                                  Ken Follett

                                                  Hornet Flight                                            Ken Follett

Paranormal                              Sookie Stackhouse Series                  Charlaine Harris

                                                  Mercy Thompson Series                     Patricia Briggs

                                                  Georgian Kincaid Series                     Richelle Mead

                                                   Any of her books                                Simon St. James

                                                  Elena Michaels Series                         Kelley Armstrong

                                                  The Vampire Chronicles                       Anne Rice

Steam-punk                            The Parasol Protectorate Series          Gail Carriger

                                                 Clockwork Agents                                Kate Cross

 * all have supernatural and historical fiction elements to them

Sci-fi/Fantasy                          A song of Ice and Fire series              George R. R. Martin.

                                                 The Hunger Games Trilogy*                 Suzanne Collins

                                                 Divergent Trilogy*                                  Veronica Roth                              

 * meaning young adult genre also

Young Adult                             The Vampire Diaries*                            L.J SMith

                                                   The Mortal Instruments                       Cassandra Clare

                                                   The Infernal Devices                            Cassandra Clare

                                                    Divergent Trilogy                                 Veronica Roth

                                                    Harry Potter Series                               J.K Rowling

                                                    Beautiful Creatures                              Kami Garcia

                                                    The Secret Circle series                       L.J Smith

                                                    The Night World Series                        L.J Smith

                                                    Eragon                                                  Christopher Paolini

                                                   Strange Angels Series                         Lili St. Crow

PLEASE NOTE: I will add more books to list as I remember some more or if I read newer books that I find are exceptional. ALSO: Apologies for how this layout looks, for some reason when I press publish, the whole list starts going all over the place! will try to fix asap.



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